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Hypnotize collection – 12 pc Dinnerware set

Hypnotize collection – 12 pc Dinnerware set

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The hypnotize collection is made of our great porcelain with professional colored glaze and a hand-drawled rim. The major tone is black with hypnotic symbols in white, which brings a post-modern and steady texture, and that hand-drawled orange rim brings a vibrant feeling to this product. The product is made in two different styles; the sharp angled design brings an aggressive visual sense, and the round design gives the opposite sense, which is peace.


The product comes with a 12 pc set, include three of each: 10.5” diner plate 7.5” salad plate, 5.5” bowl and16oz mug we guarantee a non-scratchable, nonbreakable product with your normal care, and a non-falloff, non-fade print on the plate with normal use-age.

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