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16-piece hand-painted porcelain set

16-piece hand-painted porcelain set

Colour: custom color

Material: porcelain

Number of pieces: 16

Design: color mix

Shape: round

Tipo: tableware

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Used in microwave oven: Yes

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Using traditional hand-painting methods, the classic red and green colors are hand-drawn on the products, bringing new vitality. The simple collocation of flowers and leaves is more ornamental than modern industry, giving new vitality to the products and giving people new life. Brings a strong visual impact. It is the best choice for you who are pursuing traditional styles. Hand-painting is a craft with the longest history and the oldest inheritance. In the long process of human civilization development, human hands have created history and are also recorded by hand It is the hard and beautiful process of human development. It is also the most direct “visual language” for designers to express emotions, express creative ideas, and express the results of the plan. For porcelain, the greatest charm of hand-painting lies in its artistry. And in painting In the process, the artistic characteristics and advantages of hand-painted determine its position and role in expressive design. Its expression skills and methods have a pure artistic temperament. The expression of artistic beauty between design rationality and artistic freedom has become the designer’s pursuit of eternity and Noble. The new ceramic materials make the products have better quality, designed by professional designers and experienced craftsmen, and safer. There are no impurities in the porcelain. More at ease.and the high-temperature firing makes the porcelain quality stronger, which can be used in dishwashers and microwave ovens. Perfectly adapt to modern living habits, suitable for you who are used to using dishwashers and microwave ovens.

The product contains 4 large 10.5-inch plates, 4 7.5-inch plates, 4 soup bowls and 4 twelve-ounce cups. More suitable for family use, allowing you to better enjoy family dinner time.

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